What Your Child and You Need to Know This Week

This web site has been updated for the school week beginning Monday, May 22, 2017. 

Please scroll down for details about classroom plans by subject. 

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We are working on Topic 16, "Time, Graphs, & Data."

Unit 35 is next. The focus will be on words with the suffixes
-ly and -ful .


During this final week of the school year we will be enjoying current issues of Scholastic News. One selection features our dear LADY LIBERTY.


This week children will be writing stories about 2nd grade with partners and thank you notes for their specials teachers.

We are just studying Unit 6, "People in the Marketplace." The terms "producer" and "consumer" will be in our discussions this week.


Science - "Life Cycles" is our current unit.  This week we will be taking a close look at the life cycle of a moth.

Health -  We are studying Chapter 10, "Your Feelings."


Each student has a book for handwriting practice.  I am not particularly fussy about handwriting, but it needs to be neat and legible.