Indiana Parent Pledge

Indiana’s Parent Pledge aims to increase parent engagement and enhance teacher-parent collaborations in Indiana schools. By opening new lines of communication between education stakeholders and providing increased resources to parents, this effort seeks to create a "Parent Pledge culture" in schools across the state.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign the pledge?

Indiana’s Parent Pledge can be signed online at Teachers may also print the pledge and ask parents to sign as part of their classroom curriculum.

Am I required to sign the pledge?

No one is required to sign the Parent Pledge. However, we encourage all Indiana parents/guardians to make a firm commitment toward the academic success of Hoosier students. Signing this pledge is a great opportunity to affirm your commitment to this goal.

Do I have to be a parent to sign the pledge?

Legal guardians, grandparents, family members and other concerned adults can sign the Parent Pledge to express their commitment to helping the children in their lives succeed in school.

For more information please go to Thank you for your interest in this important effort on behalf of Indiana’s school children!