Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up

Student Pick-up/Drop-off Tips and Reminders

Student Drop-off

Though the very best drop-off area is, unfortunately, the most congested (main entrance, marked C), there is a way to beat the traffic and keep things safer for our kids.  Drop-offs meet with little traffic between the times of 7:50 and 8:00.  From 8:00-8:10, there is a long line that forms.  If you want to beat the traffic, head out a few minutes earlier.  Also, don’t forget that it is O.K. to drop-off your child at any point in the front drive if traffic backs up.  This will help to direct several cars past the crosswalk by the flagpole at a time while improving the overall flow of traffic.  Student drop off is restricted to one lane.  Finally, we ask that parents take care of kisses and hugs before drop off, and if you feel the need to watch your child walk all the way into the school, we ask that you park in an approved spot and walk up with them.


5th grade Student Pick-up

Pick-up at the close of the day will be in the northwest parking lot along Duluth Avenue only.  Students will exit through the playground access door clearly marked G.  A student can leave through this door by walking west down the 5th grade hallway at dismissal.  If your 5th grader has a younger sibling that they ride with, they are to wait for the younger sibling in the 5th grade hallway before heading out to the northwest parking lot.


K-4th grade Student Pick-up

Parents can arrange to meet their child at any one of the following:

On the east side of 5th Street (approx. 20 cars; students must use crosswalks)

The north side of Duluth Avenue (approx. 10 cars; students must use crosswalks)

The south side of Grand Avenue (approx. 15 cars; students must use crosswalks)

The main entrance (approx. 10 cars)

The northwest parking lot (approx. 50 cars)  - Every day the northwest parking lot has dozens and dozens of unused spaces while traffic snarls to a stop with parents trying to pick-up students at the main entrance.  It is recommended that you make a plan with your child to utilize the northwest parking lot.  Simply show her where you will be parking and at the close of the day, tell her to exit through the playground access door clearly marked G.  A student can leave through this door by walking west down the 5th grade hallway at dismissal.


General Reminders

1.                  Parking in spaces marked for handicapped individuals is against the law and violators will be ticketed by the Highland Police Department.

2.                  You are not allowed to park anywhere except for clearly marked parking spaces or where designated on the streetParking or stopping on the Johnston side of 5th Street is against the law.  Police officers will give tickets to violators.

3.                  Stopping in the front drive can cause back-ups that severely affect the intersection of Duluth and 5thPlease have a clear plan for pick-up with your child.  There is no stopping in the left lane.

4.                  Though our student crossing guards are not police or full-time professionals, they deserve our kindness, attention, and respect.  Where they are making important decisions for the general well-being, they are not infallible, so it is up to us as responsible adults to help them by being extra cautious when we are approaching an intersection.

5.                  Please do not park or stop in the bus loading/unloading zone.

6.                  Be on the lookout for students at all times.

      7.         Traffic flows from north to south, please make sure your parking does not impede this.