Leapfrog at Johnston's

Leapfrog Continues to Show Progress


Back in November, Susan Whiteman, who was contracted for Johnston Elementary School using Title 1 funds, introduced 20 attendees from Johnston to what the LeapFrog intervention system is capable of doing in regards to improvement of reading.  Within days, teachers, classroom aides, and Title 1 staff were using the Leapfrog system with students and seeing results.  The program has continued to grow and is being used with a wide-range of students at every grade level.

Thanks are due to Diane Henning, who is a Title 1 Aide at Johnston, for doing the prep work and making it possible for Johnston to move so fast in exploring the LeapFrog books and software.  Mrs. Henning has put in hours and hours of work dating back to last spring to get things rolling – the vast majority of which were unpaid hours.

Though the Leapfrog line of school products is similar to the individual products you can get at most toy stores or online from the company, there are some very specific differences in regards to just how much more the school systems are capable of.

There are applications for students  - even through grade six (on a limited basis) - but, the real strength of the program is that early elementary school teachers can use this award-winning system to reinforce any classroom reading program.   The components of the program:

·        Provide explicit, direct instruction in the five areas critical to reading success: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency

·        Link engaging activities to key early literacy skills for whole group, small group, and individual instruction

·        Enable teachers to create hands-on technology centers for independent and small-group work

Teachers build individualized, skill-based lessons for students who are struggling in any one of the five core areas and through careful planning, it allows for students to move at a faster pace than they might with more traditional approaches.


The staff at Johnston looks forward to continuing with efforts in helping every student become a better reader and are always open to suggestions.