Stranger Danger

Dear Parents,



Here are some tips in regards to “Stranger Danger”:

Remind your child to walk to and from school on sidewalks wherever possible; to use clearly marked walkways; to cross streets at appropriate crossing sections; to obey crossing guards; and to obey all appropriate traffic crossing signals.  Additionally, remind your children not to use alleys; not to stop or speak with strangers; and not to accept a ride from a stranger.  Set your child up with a friend to go back and forth from school.   Finally, let your child know that it is important to report any such incident to you and the school (or other responsible adult) at the earliest possible time.  The police should be called.

I have also found that a good set of ground rules for extended, unsupervised play can really help keep everyone focused on what is best for our little ones as well.  Please remember to advise your children to always let you know where they will be, and let your children know that you will check to make sure that they are where they say they will be.   Also:

  1. Require your children to “check in” with you at various times during the day. 
  2. Require your children to let you know whom they are with.
  3. Remind them to only play with people that they know and trust.
  4. Remind them to go to a place of business or the nearest “safe place” to ask for help if they are not close enough to home to go safely to get help.
  5. Remind them to never accept rides of any sort in (car or truck) or on (motorcycle or bicycle) any sort of transportation from any stranger.


With your continued cooperation and support, we will continue to promote good safety and improve the overall well-being of our children in our schools and neighborhoods.